Top 10 Most Expensive Fruits in the World

Top 10 Most Expensive Fruits in the World

Welcome to my blog, have you ever wondered which are the most expensive fruits in the world if you’re here you probably did as you know Alex is the go-to destination when it comes to ranking the most expensive things in the world everybody loves fruit but did you know that there are special types of fruit that are only reserved for the world’s richest watch this video till the end and we promise there are some grapes that sell for the price of a car time to take a look at this luxurious top ten-

10 – Buddha shaped pears nine dollars a piece molds are placed on the pears as they grow from trees resulting in a piece of fruit that looks much like a small decorative statue people don’t seem to mind the nine dollar price and rush to buy them as soon as they’re picked.

9 – Sec a Ichi apples twenty-one dollars per Apple considering an average Apple cost a couple of cents at most a dollar these are pretty expensive the fields where these apples grow our hand pollinated and each Apple is washed in honey and hand stamped these are considered the best apples in the world.

8 – Deco pond citrus eighty dollars for a pack this cross between a mandarin and an orange has a special flavor that will keep you coming for more it is like an addiction you’ll be addicted to the membranes between the sections which are known for their thinness and melt-in-your-mouth sensation it was named the most delicious citrus in the entire world until 2011 you could only buy them in Japan but now you can find them in California under the name sumo.

7 – Zen Baqia queen strawberries $85 the most expensive strawberries in the world are priced at $85.00 named for the swanky fruit store in Tokyo that sells them each box of 12 is hand selected and perfectly matched even with a price tag of about $85 the retailer manages to sell at least 50 units a day.

6 – Square watermelons $800 imported from Japan where they’re grown in tempered glass cases that force them to take on their unique shape with exactly the same interior as a regular watermelon you can pick one up for under $1,000 if you think this is expensive wait till you see the other watermelons we have on this list .

5 Pineapple pick $1,600 these are special pineapples which are grown under straw horse urine and manure in the same manner that used to do it in the 19th century it’s expensiveness is due to the special procedure and high production cost not many of you know this but back in the day pineapples were considered one of the biggest luxuries one could afford there are several examples where people dedicated sculptures to this in May fruit then we figured out how to grow them for cheap and the magic faded away.

4 – Kayo no Tamago mangoes three thousand six hundred and sixty two dollars for a box of two basically these are the best mangoes money can buy they measure several factors from level of sugar weight color flavor and then sell them under tayo nota mega label which translates as the egg of the Sun.

3 – Ruby Roman grapes four thousand dollars the most expensive grapes in the world are perfectly round extra sweet and the boat the size of a ping-pong ball apparently they taste so good that people are willing to pay four thousand dollars for a bunch if you think that’s too expensive you can actually buy only one grape for two hundred and fifty five dollars.

2 – Den Zook watermelon $6,100 its uniqueness is given by its very distinctive look all black and lacking stripes makes the den zhuge watermelon one of a kind in 2008 a 17 pounder was sold at an auction for $6,100 and ever since people have been going crazy for them those type of watermelons can only be grown on the island of Hokkaido in Japan.

1 – Bury King melon $23,000 yep the most expensive fruit in the world is a watermelon that costs $23,000 after it’s sprouted each melon is given a little hat to protect it from the Sun when picked the stems are trimmed to a tidy T shape with every hundred batch they select only one that goes on sale on auction the rest somehow disappear or are being sold on the black market behind closed doors can you believe there’s a black market for expensive watermelons.

Do you think these fruits really taste better than the average ones or is it just a placebo let us know in the comments.

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