Best Animation Software for Beginners Free

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Best Animation Software for Beginners Free

In this blog I’ll introduce you to the easiest animation software that you will ever find. Animaker. Here are the 5 reasons why we call Animaker is the easiest animation software ever for beginners! Let’s begin. Character Builder Tool. Animaker has an in-built character builder tool that lets you create custom animation characters in a matter of minutes. You just have to choose a gender and character type and start building your character. In the traditional method of animation, to design a character you should draw it from scratch. It is suitable for skilled animation professionals or people who have an enormous amount of time. But for a beginner, or somebody who is running on a timeline, it is not helpful. In such cases this character builder tool from Animaker makes so much sense. Using all these options you can literally create billions of unique characters. The library is being constantly updated so that you can always find something new often. 1000+ Easy to use templates Another daunting part with creating an animation video is that you have to be a script writer too. Let’s say you are creating an explainer animation video. You have to write a script that talks about the problem or problems that your product or company solves, its features and benefits and finally you should end the script with a call to action. If the script fails then the whole video becomes a failure. What a bummer right? To avoid this burden of writing a perfect script, Animaker has hundreds of templates that already have a script. You can simply open a template that has the script you need and start editing it. It’s as simple as that. Animate without Drawing frame by frame. In the traditional animation process, to animate a character you should have to trace the character and draw the character frame by frame and animate it. A time consuming and laborious process. That is why Animaker has an option called Action +. To every character you have the option to add more than 500 different actions. Using the action+ option you can add multiple actions to the same character and animate it. The best part is you can do that just with the click of your mouse. You don’t need any prior experience of animation. 100M+ Customizable Stock Assets. To create an animation video, you need more than just characters. You need backgrounds, objects that are part of the environment, text animations, special effects, transitions, images, and videos. You can find more than 100M such stock assets inside the library of Animaker. You don’t have to scout across the websites to find royalty-free & Copyright-free vectors and illustrations to add to your video. It also has a library of 30000 copyright free music tracks that you can use on your projects. Especially if you are planning to publish your video on YouTube or any other places where copyright rules are very strict, then this is the perfect solution. Three different options to add voice-over. Adding voice overs is the easiest part in creating animation videos with Animaker. You can directly record and add it to the character. Or you can use a pre-recorded audio using the upload option. Or you can use the in-built text to speech option that comes with hundreds of different voices and languages. In a regular animation process, first you record the voiceover and create animations to get the lip sync. Which means if you have to bring a change to the audio, You should have to draw and animate it again to get the lip-sync. In Animaker it is the total opposite. You add the voiceover and the character lip-syncs automatically. So even if you have to make changes to the audio, you can simply delete the earlier voiceover and add a new one. How cool is that?! Now you know why I say Animaker is the best animation software for beginners and non-professionals. It also has a lot of other options like 2k and 4k downloads, unlimited assets usage, unlimited custom character creation which comes as a part of the paid plans. However you can sign up for a free account and start creating your videos. You will get 5 free downloads per month with a free account.

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