10 Unbreakable World Records

Top 10 World Records

10 Unbreakable World Records

Some get what they want but most don’t and some have even died trying some records like the most CDs on one finger might be possible to break but others probably won’t change in your lifetime here are some of the craziest records that won’t be broken anytime soon.

1 – The Heaviest Weight Supported by a Human Tongue

Yes this is a real record Thomas Blackthorne set it by lifting 27 pounds with only his tongue he trained for six years to be able to hold this much for five seconds a hook holding four weights went through his tongue and he set the record in 2004 without getting hurt

2 – The longest distance

An airplane was pulled by a human being Kevin fast has a number of weight pulling records in 2009 he pulled a 416 299 pound CC 177 globemaster iodine airplane for 28 feet because this is so hard to do it doesn’t look like anyone will challenge the Canadian priest’s title anytime soon

3 – The World’s Tallest Man

When he was measured in 1940 Robert Wadlow was a whopping eight feet 11 inches tall this made him the tallest person ever when he was a child his pituitary gland hyperplasia which was never treated caused him to grow quickly he weighed 8.7 pounds when he was born in 1918.

4  -Most Metal Eaten

Michael Lotito died in 2007 at the age of 57. during his life he ate nine tons of metal including a whole Cessna 150 airplane Lotito had a disease called Pika which made him want to be things like dirt and glass

5 – Most lawsuits filed

Jonathan Lee Richards has sued more than 4 000 companies and people he has sued Bill Gates and Pope Benedict xbi among others he holds the world record for the most lawsuits ever filed Guinness when he found out he held the record

6 – The world’s biggest Diamond

In 1905 the premier diamond mine in Cullen in South Africa found the world’s biggest diamond the Behemoth weighed in at 3106 75 carats and is worth about 400 million dollars even though the Book of Records didn’t exist in 1905 the Cullen and Diamond got the spot because no other Diamond has come close to matching it

7 – The highest grossing movie

Taking inflation into account Gone with the Wind made the most money at the box office of any movie ever it made about 3.4 billion dollars and sold 255.7 million tickets which is a big difference from the second highest grossing movie which only sold 78.3 million tickets

8 – The longest nails in the world

Sridhar Chill from Pune India went 66 years without cutting his nails before they were cut they were 29 feet and 10.1 inches long chill only grew out the nails on his left hand so he could use his right hand freely after a teacher told him off for breaking a nail when he was 14 he began to grow them

9 – The world record for holding the most World Records S

rita Furman who is 62 years old is the owner of this meta title he used to hold 550 Guinness World Records but now he only has 200 because other people have tried to break some of them he started trying to break the record in 1979 by doing the most Jumping Jacks in a row he also has records for cycling underwater for the longest distance balancing a milk bottle on his head for the longest distance and somersaulting for a mile in the fastest time

10 – Most cockroaches eaten in a minute

We can’t believe that people try to break some records in the first place so it is with this one where most cockroaches are eaten in less than a minute Ken Edwards of Derbyshire England was able to do this stomach turning trick in the year 2001 Edwards ate 36 cockroaches in 60 seconds these are the top 10 world records that will never be broken

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